Eco houses with individual design on plots of land in the Crimea

We are glad to inform you that there appeared a possibility on any plot of land of 650 or 1000 or 2600 – 3000 sq. m. in Alushta, Gurzuf, Yalta, Livadia, Polyana Skazok, Массандре, to build modern ECO house with individual design and wide opportunities of house construction in the Crimea. In particular, we together with the building company Ecostroy82 developed and launched new technologies in the construction of fast-to-build frame houses on the plots of land available. This integration and application of new technologies allowed to increase the strength of the construction and its durability. At the same time the time of construction diminished to 2 months. Buying a plot of land from us, and a contract from the company Ecostroy82 for the construction of a frame house – you spare your time and money, because not so much time passes between the expenses and the beginning of exploitation. The construction of a capital house is expensive, long and old-fashioned. Houses of the company Ecostroy82 on metal frames with I-beam have extreme durability and allow to realize any desires of the customer without an effort – up to a swimming pool on the roof. Typical projects and individual, exclusive projects are described more in detail here