Yalta Three adjacent land plots IZHS 2.66 ha

Three adjacent sections of IZhS (it is possible to transfer to other categories according to the PZZ) total area 2.66 hectares = 0.902 + 0.845 + 0.913. Above Yalta is the Kuibyshev Isary district. In the mountains. Around the forest, pine trees, mountains - a quiet, ecologically clean place. Crimean pine is not listed in the Red Book, so some trees can be removed without problems with the law. Suitable for hotel, hotel, bath complex or private villa, house, mansion. A mountain river flows along the border of the site. Decent neighbors, asphalt entrance, all communications, two sections have their own transformer substation, 630 kW each. Gas, water - 300 m. To the sea 5 km in a straight line, 15 minutes by road.

Price $ 3.000.000 at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of purchase.

Map link: https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CBeOJIxzCC

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