Picturesque plot of land in Yalta with a wonderful view, 1500 sq. m. near «Polyana Skazok» (“Fairy- tale Meadow”). Vinogradnoye, plot 38.


A plot of land for IDC, 1500 sq. m., «Polyana Skazok» (“Fairy-tale Meadow”), near the Zoo. a slight slope, regular form. It is located near «Polyana Skazok» (“Fairy-tale Meadow”), the beginning of “Botkin’s Path” is beside. Elite place, respectable neighbours, all communication on the plot of land (gas, water, electricity). There is an asphalt road. There are old Crimean pines on the plot of land. The trees are situated at the distance from each other that makes the construction of a house and others like sauna, pavilion, barbecue possible and at the same time allows to preserve natural landscape without damaging the ecosystem. There is a panoramic mountain view on the Ai-Petri. Sea view can be observed from the second floor. There is a developed infrastructure beside – supermarket, hospital, school, kindergarten, zoo and «Polyana Skazok» (“Fairy-tale Meadow”) – the place of shooting most of the Soviet films. Cadastre number 90:25:050801:1213.

Price for 100 sq. m.6 666 $ / 500 000 RUB. (currency equivalence 75 RUB./$)

Price for a plot of land 100 000 $ / 7 500 000 RUB.

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