Coronovirus mutates into new strains

More recently, in the UK and in a number of other European countries, as well as in the Russian Federation, new strains of the coronavirus have been recorded. Its British version received the SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 marking. It is quite logical to assume that there will be others and there will be many of them! There are already a lot of them! This is just the one that became famous! But there are others, and their number is huge! In each organism, with each subsequent transmission, it mutates, insignificantly, but in any case this undoubtedly has a colossal scale. And this is understandable, logical and predictable! The virus wants to live, wants to multiply actively, thereby becoming more infectious, resistant to immune cells, more tenacious in one word. But it is not applicable for all this, the detrimental effect on its carrier (distributor) - a person (animals also get sick) should decrease. Since if the virus "kills" its "host" it will not be able to spread effectively. At least banal natural selection pushes to such a conclusion. It is no secret that the less (genetically simpler) a biological object is arranged, the faster it evolves. Whether it will be so in practice - time will tell. In the meantime, you need to prepare for vaccination. Vaccines developed in the Russian Federation are the only ones in the world with really confirmed effectiveness. The only question is how long this vaccine immunity will last. Now there is a quantitative method for the determination of immunoglabulins to coronovirus A, G, M. Based on these results, one can roughly assume the presence / absence of immunity. Since there is also cellular memory. Our body is a very "smart and rational substance" with the function of self-regulation and adjustment, training and adaptation to both external pathogens and the environment. For the planet, a person is the same virus - just as a person adapts to life in different parts of the world under various extreme conditions, so a virus adapts by mutating. These are the laws of nature and all life develops according to these laws. no matter how trite it may sound, but death is also a kind of life, everything in our world is interconnected. But back to the coronavirus problem. There are many strains, but little is known about them, and this is a fact! Back in the spring of 2020, there were already about 50 of them. These are only those that we managed to fix! Therefore, we all need to prepare for this difficult period. As a result, unambiguously, this virus will become less dangerous over time, but while it evolves into these safe forms, years can pass!